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from November 15th 2022. Let's make it even better and address all your specific needs.
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Trading simulation is for educational purposes only
We see great potential in analyzing the activity of investors on social networks and providing everyone with the most relevant insights in line with their interests and objectives
SOLinvestor analyses the activity & sentiment of investors on social networks and provides personalized news stream
We aspire to democratize trading ideas and add more transparency to the trading world. We want to make it easy
for you to navigate stock market trends

The platform will grow through the features suggested by you!

Join the SOLinvestor community and help us to improve the SOLinvestor platform. Let's make it even better and address all your specific investment objectives.
Your feedback is greatly appreciated.
We will provide active community members with a free subscription to exclusive investment ideas, market insights, and portfolios.

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Have a daily look at social BUZZ - investors activity & sentiment related to your favorite, popular, and disruptive stocks
Get exclusive ideas & insights from contributors to the SOLinvestor platform
Play with virtual money - buy or sell stocks.
Trading simulation is for educational purposes only
Check insights for your favorite stocks
Build your portfolio. Check the application daily to see its performance as well as the latest expert & social news on your portfolio securities
SOLinvestor roadmap

Continuously improving AI engine to deliver best-personalized video content
Selecting, providing, and tracking the best trading IDEAS from credible sources
Introducing ranking of companies by positive and negative sentiment in social media
Expanding independent investment experts' network for creating a variety of exclusive trading IDEAS exclusively for our platform users
Covering new markets, including international investments, commodities, and cryptocurrencies
Introducing new discussion forums for interaction with experts and other users
Embedding portfolio management tools
10+ years experience in brokerage software development in US
15+ years in branding and 5+ year experience in digital marketing
10 + years in data engineering, data analytics and machine learning
20+ years experience in banking industry
SOLinvestor seamless integrations
Solinvestor is integrated with the neural network
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